1. The main objective of the organization is to support the oppressed.
  2. Oppressed should have lawful and legal right, his/her right should must be infringed.
  3. Other than members of Bashaoor will not be treated.
  4. Any legal proceedings will be handled by the Legal Operations Head.
  5. During the proceedings all the expenditures will be bore by Bashaoor.
  6. After the decision or settlement of the case, if the court awards counsel charges of the victim that would be the right of the Bashaoor.
  7. In the same way if any damages awarded by the court in favour of the victim then the fifty percent of the amount will be paid to Bashaoor by the member, other fifty percent is the right of the victim or member.
  8. All the cases will be handled on behalf of victim or member of Bashaoor.
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