Due to the expansion of business activities in an economy, we have a variety of goods available in the market. The demand for goods and services is influenced by the advertisements in electronic and print media. The companies spend a considerable amount on a advertisements. Its aim is to attract consumers by feeding doctored information that they want a consumer to know; alluring him to repeatedly buy their product. The manufacturers deliberately project only the virtues of their product. They try to hide the characteristics even remotely connected  with product’s demerits. They do not recognize and acknowledge the right of a consumer to know the information that he as a consumer wants. Instead selective and manipulated information is repeatedly shown in the advertisements to mislead consumers. When a consumer, does not have true and realistic information about the products, he gets exploited and undergoes undesirable stress and tension besides the monitory loss.

Underweight and Under-measurements:

The goods being sold in the market are sometimes not measured or weighed correctly which is liable and can be challenged in the court.

Sub-standard Quality:

The goods sold are sometimes of inferior quality, opposite to the claim of the manufactures.

Date of Expiry:

Selling of food products and medicine beyond their expiry dates is also generally the grievances of consumers.

High Prices:

Very often the traders charge a higher price than what should be; considering the prices of raw material and expenditure of services. Often on one pretext or other they charge more than prescribed retail price.

Duplicate Articles:

In the name of original products and genuine spare parts or goods, fake or duplicate items are being sold to the consumers.

Artificial Scarcity:

In order to amass illegitimate profit, businessmen create artificial scarcity by hoarding. They sell it later at a higher price.

False or Incomplete Information:

Sellers easily mislead consumers by giving wrong information about the product, its price, quality, reliability, life cycle. Retailers normally furnish warranty and guarantee for a limited time period. But when a consumer goes back to the seller with complaint invoking guarantee; he faces rude and unfair behavior.


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