Generally the citizen of Pakistan individually and, our society collectively is not aware of their rights as customer and consumer. Consequently the businessmen, product manufacturers and service providers exploit this weakness and makes no effort to improve the efficiency, quality and, services of their product. It results in dissatisfaction of the citizen. The deal between the consumer and the businessman becomes a one way traffic, in which the earlier has no importance. It is therefore imperative to take steps to spread awareness of consumer rights and provide him a chance to take remedial measures.

A typical consumer gets discouraged to launch a complaint or redressal of his grievances individually due to complicated and least responsive legal and official system.


The consumer is further disheartened because he cannot afford the effort, time and financial burden at the expense of his occupation and means of living. A conscious and vibrant society must make a system / mechanism available to provide justice and rightful place to its citizen vis a vis the exploitative forces may it be government or semi government departments, businessmen and manufacturers. ‘’Bashaoor ‘’ is therefore an effort to fill this gap and provide hope to the consumer for getting the complete worth of his money. ‘’Bashaoor’’ is a collection of patriotic, honest and dynamic professionals who have made a resolve to contribute to their share of making fair and just society. In order to make “Bashaoor” effective and viable, it will induct members with a very marginal and affordable contribution. This contribution will enable it to take administrative or legal measures for redressal of the consumer grievances. Obviously this meagre amount will not be enough to foot the entire expenditure of legal battle against the wealthy and resourceful businessman, industrialists and any opposing party. The balance of expenditure will therefore be met through a share in compensation

and or damages awarded by the court. ‘’Bashaoor’’ is therefore organized to help its members and society in general to spread consciousness of their rights as citizen and consumer. This will culminate

into series of lectures and workshops in education and training institution for awareness, besides legal battle for its members as and when the need arises. It will be obligatory for ‘’Bashaoor’’ to get the redressal of grievance or compensation for a complaint through court for all its members .The entire process will entail no expenses and efforts by the member unless he is required to appear in the court as applicant plaintiff.

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